Friday, September 18, 2009

God is in the rain

I'm a catholic, yet, ironically speaking, I am an agnostic.

For the benefit of those who do not know, agnostics are definitely believers of God yet they do not have or believe in any religion. They are just entrusting themselves in a certain Deity, Supreme Being, God or Allah (whichever it may be called).

However, sometimes I doubt if God really does exist most especially when I feel so down.

Yet, I encountered God the rainy midnight of August 2, 2008.

I’ve decided to go home the night of August 1. First, to get clothes for our overnight presswork in the lampoon issue and second, to fetch some, I mean, a little rest since my head badly ached that time. I came close on not pursuing to go to presswork since our Managing Editor (a very kuripot one), did not want to give me some transportation allowance. She only gave me thirty pesos—an exact amount for a three-ride fare to Kamuning, where our printing press resides.

Thank heavens, our Assistant Managing Editor was kind enough she lent us a hundred peso bill for additional expenses. And to cut the long story of finances short, I went home with my pocket containing 50 pesos.

I’ve planned the allocation of the 50 pesos—14 for the ride going home, four for the biogesic, and 31 for the ride going to Southern Voices. All in all, a peso coin would be the only money left if I arrived there.

When I got home, my body initiated the move instead of my mind. I’ve eaten so fast (and a lot!) and then alas, slouched my body for a few hour sleep—one and a half, I estimated. I even refused to watch my favorite reality singing show—Pinoy Dream Academy since my eyes started to act on its own.

I awoke at 11 o’clock. It was very late, I thought. So I hurriedly packed my things, did my hygiene rituals and left (ensuring the money). The trip to Divisoria was a fast one (the only time-consuming part is the long hours of waiting for a jeepney). However, the trip to Morayta was the complete opposite—a pain in the ass.

The driver (whom I think has only started his first trip for the day), did not jump start for around half an hour in search for passengers or perhaps, waiting for his vehicle to be full (well, we cannot blame them, since it can be rooted to the oil crisis).

And when I arrived at Morayta, what I expected came. Jeepneys, whose routes are Proj. 2-3, were nowhere to be seen. And to add more pain in my agony, the sky cried much more.

After encountering different people (whom sometimes I’m afraid of, thinking it would be a holdaper) and also after thirty minutes have passed, there were still no jeepney.

I was losing hope and I’ve started talking to God. Asking him for help or any miracle to produce a Proj. 2-3 jeepney since the money left on my hands was 14 pesos—the exact amount for the fare ride from Morayta to Kamuning.

Thinking it was a hopeless case (after thorough conversations through my mind, of course to God, pleading for some help), I’ve decided to call the advance team in Southern Voices. I will be asking them to fetch me but in case they refused, I will go home.

I’ve started to make my call through the pay phone near the Dunkin Donuts. At first, the one-peso coins were not accepted and it continued to pour at the “coin dropping part”. After many trials, of collecting the poured coins, transferring them to my pockets, picking other one-peso coins and slotting them in, the machine gave up and ate it.

Jaseon, a new Torchie answered it. I’ve explained the situation. After knowing that the editors of the advance team was peacefully sleeping (whom were very difficult to wake up), my hopes started to diminish. I bid my farewell to Jaeson and planned to go home.
As I put down the receiver, I thought that this maybe the sign God has given me (plus the heavy rain). I should go home. Assuring that I still have exact money for the fare going home, I re-count my coins.

Miraculously, a ten-peso coin was in my palm. As fas as I remembered, I had not received any ten-peso coin. And no matter how I re-computed my finances again and again, there was still a ten-peso gap.

Then it was like the grace of God that made my body hairs stand up. That was when, I realized, God is patiently watching me.

God helped me through the telephone booth.

A miracle? Yes, I believe. I instantly remembered the quote in V for Vendetta:God is in the rain. God poured his grace on me.

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